Bertie and his wife

Our first

Bertie started our first bakery on 10th of June 1968, and the family moved above the shop. People loved coming round for fresh bread and cakes, and soon enough we were all working – proud to make a good start at half-past five in the morning, even on a Saturday.

Word gets round, and soon we were selling direct to local grocers, growing all the time. Bertie never stopped – our taster-in-chief, the heart and soul of the family business. Her dedication to baking the best fresh goods, every day, is still with us.

The first Berties shop
Three bakers in Berties branded chef whites

bertie’s today

Bertie’s Bakery takes everything we learnt from Bertie – we can still quote her recipes from memory today. Sourcing the best flours, oils, seeds and grains. Perfecting the tastiest traditional recipes while exploring exciting new ideas that our customers love. Passing our knowledge down to the next generation of bakers to produce the freshest breads, snacks and cakes you can buy.

our values

Celebrating Bertie’s values makes us different. They’re baked in to everything we do, helping us create the most rewarding and delightful breads and cakes possible – and once you’ve tasted them, you’ll never compromise.

Perfecting our Craft

We believe in perfecting our craft, paying our dues and enjoying the satisfaction of a job well done. It’s how we’ve built up our vast know-how over the years. The right way isn’t always the easy way, but we think you can always taste the difference. Our way is difficult to do—but different to eat.

Integrity baked in

It’s about working with the best ingredients, techniques and people so we can give our customers the best, too. We’re honest about who we are and where we’ve come from, and proud enough of what we do to put Bertie’s name on every bake.

Respecting all tastes

We make food that we’d love to eat ourselves—we all share a passion for new flavours and recipes, as well as preserving the classics. So Bertie’s Bakery is built on respect for our heritage, and a respect for the changing tastes of our customers.